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 with Scallop Trim as featured in Book No.4

A classic design in a compact but very lightweight  texture

Knitted in Stocking Stitch on SINGLE BED MACHINE in two colours applying the Plating Technique thereby giving it a beautiful mottled effect.

The required Plating Yarn Feeder for the carriage is supplied with every machine. Simply remove the standard yarn feeder plate from the carriage and replace it with the Plating Yarn Feeder.

The Yarn: ROMA Extra Fine Merino Wool  wound double. 250g are required of each colour plus 40g Contrast Colour.

The standard size cone for this yarn is 350g and 400g. However, for a short while a Kit is available in the colours shown (08 black and 07 soft white) plus 40 g Contrast Colour - all wound double - including the PDF pattern but plus postage for the yarn.

The Pattern M 216: In four sizes is available for machine knitting at £4.50 for PDF and printed version plus postage for printed version.






Who said fashion can’t be practical?




Easy to knit by hand or on a machine,

 knitted in two sections and then joined at the centre back.

The light Tuck texture - over 2 stitches and 4 rows - has a simple Stocking Stitch Trim which captures the smart tone of this all-rounder.


The Pattern is available for Hand and Machine knitting (standard gauge machines without Ribber) in THREE SIZES at £3.50 each.

Yarn: One 400g cone of ROMA - EXTRA FINE Merino Wool  will knit this design.

The yarn, Nm Count 2/30, is used and supplied already wound double. For available colours please click here.



    At present orders an be placed: -

    By email to

    By telephone with all major Credit Cards to Nina A Miklin on  020 8455 1996.

    By post to Nina A Miklin, P O Box 71930, London NW2 9QZ enclosing a cheque.



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For payment by PayPal please send an email to  with details of the items you want to order stating: -

The Pattern number(s); the YARN  quality, colour number and quantity; the Book number or title.

For all orders we will forward you an invoice via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment we shall forward the goods immediately.

For more information on any item or confirmation of Yarn requirement for a particular garment, please do contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions and let you know the cost of each of the item you are interested in. You can then decide on your requirements. Upon receipt of your firm order we will send an invoice via PayPal. 








UK: - ONE  cone £3.80, TWO cones £4.80; THREE to FOUR cones £8.00; FIVE to TEN cones £10.00.

      For Milan see Milan page

POSTAGE for BOOKS: All books are now available as PDF email attachment

    UK: ONE Book £1.60; TWO books £2.50.

    OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Book £6.00; TWO books £8.00  

POSTAGE for PATTERNS: All patterns are now available as PDF email attachment

    UK: ONE Pattern 90p; TWO to THREE Patterns £1.60; FOUR or more Patterns FREE POSTAGE.

    OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Pattern £2.00; TWO Patterns £3.50; THREE or more Patterns £4.50 (maximum £4.50!).






All patterns are available at £3.50 each

with exception of

the following Machine Knitting Patterns which include step-by-step instructions: -

M 61, M 62, M 63, M 207 and M 72, M 223 with Intarsia Carriage at £5.50

M 74 and M 75 at £6.50

M 223 without Intarsia Carriage at £7.50







FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on any of the products please send an email to

or telephone Nina on 020 8455 1996

or write to Nina Miklin, P O Box 71930, London NW2 9QZ.






















Design 207 - Elegance and Practicality combined
For this design MILAN- Super Kid Mohair and ROMA - Extra Fine Merino Wool are used together. A most beautiful blend of two exquisite yarns, light, fantastic to the touch and warm.

For Standard Gauge machines with Ribber for welts, cuffs and front bands, for small to extra large. KNITTED ON TENSION 7

There are two versions included in the pattern: -

One with the opening at the centre and the other with Off Centre Opening. The back, sleeves, front bands and collar are the same for both versions.

Also included are instructions for a folded front band featured in Book No.4 in the KNIT TO FINISH series and a single front band.


The Pattern:

In FOUR SIZES (small to extra large), is available for  Machine knitting (standard gauge single bed machines) at £5.50 for PDF email attachment or for the printed version, plus postage for the printed version.

Yarn Requirement: 

Option 1: 250g of MILAN - Super Kid Mohair already wound together with ROMA - 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool

Option 2: 250g Milan and 250g Roma single on separate cones placing the 2 yarns together through the same yarn feeder-rod and yarn feeder on the carriage. The ROMA can also be double, but 400g would be required and the tension increased.










































For a brief

 overview of

  all current


click here















NEW DESIGN 223 in Maestro and Cesarii
This Design can be knitted with or without the Intarsia Carriage.
A separate pattern is available for each.
Pattern M 223 Without Intarsia Carriage
Includes step-by-step instructions, all supported with photographs, to knit the individual panels in order to achieve an easy and neat finishing.
It also covers in great details the joining of the stripes along the underarm seam.
This pattern is available at
£7.50 as PDF email attachment. 

Pattern M 223 Intarsia:

The instructions are for working with the Intarsia Carriage. They also  include step-by-step instructions for achieving perfectly matching stripes along the underarm seam.

This pattern is available at £5.50 as PDF email attachment.

SPECIAL OFFER for KIT M 223 in the colours shown

FOR A LIMITED PERIOD at  £55.00 including UK postage excluding pattern.

Outside UK £10.00 postage

Perfect match when joining the stripes along the underarm seam.

        Design 223

  Step-by-step instructions for
   joining the panels

The finished garment in small/medium weights 220g but a total of  requirement is 400g : -

100g Cesari Col 102, 70g Maestro Col 150, 80g Cesari Col 03P, 120g Cesari Col 155, 30g Cesari Col 35.

If you happen to have some left over of small quantities of either Maestro or Cesari and would like to use them and change the colour scheme accordingly  let me know what colours you have and how much of each as well as the overall colour scheme you would like to obtain, I will then try to complement those colours with other small quantities.

See also special KIT offer on right.

A jumper to lift the spirit.
But, always smart and elegant.




Stocking Stitch Cardigan with a charming and unique double layered front band. The buttonholes are worked through the Ribbed Band and the Rouleau Stocking Stitch Band.


The Yarn: 350 [350, 400, 400] gram ROMA - Extra Fine Merino Wool wound double on to one cone. SHOW CLOSE-UP OF FRONT BAND

The buttonhole

Step 2:

The Pattern:  M 74

Includes step-by-step instructions for the double layered

front band, the buttonhole (see on right Step 2 for the buttonhole)

and the lace trimming. All instructions are supported with

photographs and diagrams for the precise needle positions.

The pattern is in four sizes - small [medium, large, extra large]

and at present only the machine knitting version is available.

Machine: Standard gauge machines including Passap/Pfaff and Singer.

DESIGN 209 in MILAN Super Kid
Feather light, cosy, elegant for summer and winter to compliment any outfit day or evening.

An all-rounder FOR THOSE CHILLY SUMMER EVENINGS or UNDER A JACKET OR COAT for autumn and winter.

With a fashionable frill collar, frilled front bands and cuffs. Slightly shaped and set-in sleeves gives it the upper to any traditional  cardigan.

The Yarn:

Only 200g of MILAN are required to knit this beautiful Stocking Stitch cardigan.

The pattern is available in four sizes at £3.50.

The yarn is supplied on 200g cones. For new colours click here. 

Design 205

Design 218

Design 216

Design 207

Design  223

Design 225

Design 225

Design 208

Design 209

A timeless Bolero in a Cashmere/Wool blend - either MAESTRO or CESARI, both are of an exceptional quality. The sample is knitted in CESARI colour 149  (not yet featured on the Cashmere page).

It is knitted in Stocking Stitch in two pieces with only the centre back and the underarm seam to join.

The Yarn: 250g  already wound double are required to knit this jacket. The standard cone size is 350g.  However, at present there are 250g cones in stock of the sample colour as well as MAESTRO colours 105, 15 and 42 and CESARI colours 03 and 70 at the special price of £39.90 for either quality inclusive PDF pattern but plus postage for yarn.

The Pattern is  available in four sizes at £3.50 for PDF email attachment or for the printed version, plus postage for the printed version.


Contemporary and sophisticated ribbed frill sleeves with complimentary neckline and welt trim.


The Yarn: 100% COTTON Mercerized is unfortunately no longer in stock but it can be substituted with ROMA or CARINO. Approximately 350g Main Colour and 100g Contrast Colour are required.


 A truly feminine combination of modest glamour. Depending on personal preference both the Frills and the Narrow Trims can be knitted in Contrast Colour and/or different textured yarn.

In the right yarn combination it would also make a lovely evening top.

Very detailed instructions for knitting the sleeve frills, the neckline and welt trim can be found in Book No.4

Close-up of neckline with narrow trim featured in Book No.4 in the KNIT TO FINISH series.

The Pattern M 208: Is available for machine knitting (standard gauge machine) in FOUR SIZES (small to extra large), at £4.50 as PDF email attachment or the printed version, plus postage for the printed version.

A contemporary and elegant 'no welt' Fair Isle jumper with the Fair Isle starting at the fold giving a traditional method a modern look as featured in Book No.4 in the KNIT TO FINISH series.

The Fair Isle front is complimented with striped sleeves and a plain back. The Stocking Stitch neck-trim, slightly turned inwards, has a single narrow CC stripe creating a well-balanced look.

The Yarn: ROMA EXTRA FINE Merino Wool wound double. 250g are required of each of the two colours (Colour 15 and Colour 152, they are NEW colours and not yet shown on the ROMA page )For other colours please click here.

The standard size cone is 350g or 400g. However for a short while a Kit is available in the colours shown (250g each colour) at the SPECIAL PRICE of £37.00 including PDF Pattern exclusive postage for the yarn.

The Pattern M 218: In four sizes, for standard gauge machines with 24 stitch pattern facility,  is available at £3.50 for PDF and printed version plus postage for the printed version.. 24 stitch pattering facility.