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Book No.4
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An excellent opportunity to acquire a beautiful Cashmere/Silk/Wool blend in current fashion colours.


100% Extra Fine Merino Wool of the best quality. Smooth and effortless knitting is guaranteed.

It is shrink resistant, can and should be steam ironed. Also ideal for double bed knitting. Knitted pieces can be unravelled even after washing and steam ironed and used again.  It has a wide range of tensions - used single and double up to tension 8, see Design 51 on Roma page!

 A standard size cone of 350 g for a jumper and 400g for a cardigan already wound is required.


Extra Fine Merino Wool and Silk blend.  The characteristics are similar to ROMA except that it has a  very beautiful sheen which is mainly due to it's Silk content. It is simply a top quality and I quote Mrs. White "..... it is very clean and free of any oil, dirt or chemicals used in the manufacturing process.." For more of her comments see her letter on the WEAVING page.
Again, a standard size cone of 350 g for a jumper and 400g for a cardigan already wound is required.


Super Kid Mohair of the finest quality.
The fact that it can be knitted on every alternate needle on tension 10 and still keeps its shape speaks for itself (see Design 0304); especially if keeping in mind that the average tension for stocking stitch on every needle on a standard gauge machine is 4 to 10.

Combined with single or double ROMA, either for plating or together, putting the yarns through the same yarn feeder, produces a wonderful firm but still very light fabric.

Two wonderful blends of Wool and Cashmere. Many 100% Cashmeres are not as beautiful to knit with and of such good quality.
Apart from the feel and the durability it can be knitted, washed, steam ironed and then unravelled and knitted with again!
An exquisite natural fibre and a beautiful yarn producing fantastic results. Light but warm, it lends itself to all types of garments. Durable and hard wearing but soft to the touch and smart in appearance.

Yarns are the first building blocks, the first creative step in the constructions towards the sort of knits that will distinguish your creation and your wardrobe.

The broad and varied selection in our Exclusive Yarn Range, together with the Designs featured, will greatly assist in your personal choice of yarn allowing enough space for individual interpretation and intuitive mixing and matching.

Stunning effects can be achieved by combining different yarns and colours.


Many knitters think "I am not yet good enough or experienced enough to knit with a good quality yarn" this a fallacy because it is much easier to work with a good quality. AND, if something goes wrong it can be unravelled and re-knitted even after washing and steam ironing as I myself experienced with design 75 in MAESTRO. Having made a mistake in the calculation for all the raglan shaping, after washing and steam ironing, I unravelled up to the beginning of the raglan and re-knitted with it - not a trace of it on the finished garment!

Knowing how to cast-on, cast-off, putting on hold, increasing and decreasing is basically all that is required to knit most of the garments featured.
In addition, for some designs only, knowledge  of plating and transferring stitches from ribber to main bed correctly is required (transferring stitches on the single bed is basic knowledge of increasing and decreasing!). For that reason there are some step-by-step patterns available, as is for instance for Design 75 - describing precisely (all supported with diagrams) how to work all the increases and decreases and more for ribber work.

Plus, if you aim for a perfectly finished garment there are the books in the KNIT TO FINISH series.

Besides, no fancy or complicated stitch patterns are required to compensate for the yarn quality - the simplest of patterns will look good in a quality yarn.

All our yarns not only can be but should be steam ironed - see what Mrs. White said about 'steam ironing CARINO'.