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Both Cashmere Blends will look special whatever style you choose. 


Two beautiful blends of Merino and Cashmere which feel and wear better than many lower qualities of 100% Cashmere; warm, light, soft - all the superb  qualities you expect from a good yarn blend.  Whether you decide on a latest designer style (like M 223) or a classic elegant garment you will always enjoy knitting with them and even more so wearing. They are fine yarns and therefore mainly used double (we supply it already wound double [2 strands wound together] on one cone unless requested otherwise). It is ideally suited for lady’s and man’s jumpers and cardigans as well as skirts and dresses.

The difference between these two yarns is the metric count, CESARI is just a fraction thicker than MAESTRO, but either yarn can be used for the same pattern and the quantities stated also apply to both.


If you know how to cast-off, cast-on, increase, decrease and putting on hold you can knit the jumper on the right, Design 234 and many more of the current range.

And, if something goes wrong it can be unravelled and re-knitted even after washing and steam ironing as I myself experienced with design 75 in MAESTRO. Having made a mistake in the calculation for all the raglan shaping, after washing and steam ironing, I unravelled up to the beginning of the raglan, winding it onto a cone tightly,  and re-knitted it - not a trace of it on the finished garment! The ribbed cuffs and welts can be substituted with a mock rib.


The average requirement for a jumper or cardigan is up to 350g already wound double.  A 400 gram cone is required for a ribbed carding as for Design 75 

To obtain the smooth and velvety finish, Cashmere is renown for, the tension square and the garment requires for the first wash a fairly warm to hot hand wash, thereafter lukewarm hand wash is recommended, it can also be dry cleaned and of course, like all of our yarns,  it can be and needs to be steam ironed.


Machine Knitting: It is suitable for all Japanese machines as well as Passap and Pfaff. For a ribbed cast-on put the Slide Lever on the Ribber on II with Brother machines (reset it to I after the selvedge), use the P-Carriage with Knitmaster machines. Passap and Pfaff machines require none of this.  The Main Tension can vary from 5 to 10 depending on the texture you want to achieve.


Hand Knitting: Needle size 2.5 mm to 3 mm for welt and cuff ribbing, needle size 3.75 to 4.5 mm for stocking stitch.

MAESTRO and CESARI   70% Merino, 30% CASHMERE 

      Metric Count  1/15 000 for Maestro and 1/14 for Cesari


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    At present orders can be placed by email to

    By telephone with all major Credit Cards to Nina A Miklin on  020 8455 1996.

    By post to Nina A Miklin, P O Box 71930, London NW2 9QZ enclosing a cheque.



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For payments with PayPal: we will send you the invoice via PayPal, you can then pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card.

   For more information on any item or confirmation of yarn requirement for a particular garment, please do contact me  I will be happy to answer any questions.







UK: - ONE  cone £3.80, TWO cones £4.80; THREE to FOUR cones £8.00; FIVE to TEN cones £10.00.

      For reduced postage of  Milan see Milan page


POSTAGE for BOOKS: All books are now available as PDF email attachment

UK: ONE Book £1.60; TWO books £2.50.

OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Book £6.00; TWO books £8.00  


POSTAGE for PATTERNS: All patterns are now available as PDF email attachment

UK: ONE Pattern 90p; TWO to THREE Patterns £1.60; FOUR or more Patterns FREE POSTAGE.

OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Pattern £2.00; TWO Patterns £3.50; THREE or more Patterns £4.50 (maximum £4.50!).






All patterns are available at £3.50 each

with exception of

the following Machine Knitting Patterns which include step-by-step instructions: -


M 216, M205, M 208, M 101, M 01, M 16, M 16J, M 902,    M 75 regular, M 203, M 0304, M 64, M 71 at £4.50


M 61 KTF, M 62, M 63, M 207 and M 72, M 223 I with Intarsia Carriage at £5.50


M 74 and M 75 KTF at £6.50


M 223 KTF without Intarsia Carriage at £7.50







FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on any of the products please send an email to or telephone Nina on 020 8455 1996

or write to Nina Miklin, P O Box 71930, London NW2 9QZ.









V-NECK Col 03P
A classic jumper no wardrobe can really be without. Multiple uses, wearable with skirt and trousers, dressed up or down.
Knitted in plain stocking stitch on a standard gauge machine.

                         ROMA   100% Extra Fine MERINO Wool                       MAESTRO    Cashmere/Merino Wool

                     CARINO   Extra Fine MERINO Wool and  SILK                     MILAN   Super Kid Mohair    

Pattern M 223 KTF Without Intarsia Carriage includes step-by-step instructions, all supported with photos and diagrams, to knit and finish this jumper without an intarsia carriage. It also includes step-by-step instructions for a perfect joining of stripes as required for the stripes on the sleeves.
This pattern is available at £7.50 as PDF email attachment.

Pattern M 223 I With Intarsia Carriage
The instructions are for knitting the garment with the intarsia carriage based on diagrams.
It also includes step-by-step instructions for a perfect joining of stripes as required for the stripes on the sleeves.
This pattern is available at £5.50 as PDF email attachment.

Design 223 in Maestro and Cesari
Can be knitted without intarsia carriage (Pattern M 223 KTF)
or with intarsia carriage (Pattern M 223
A separate pattern is available for each.

Yarn requirement: 100g Cesari Col 102, 70g Maestro Col 150, 80g Cesari Col 03P, 120g Cesari Col 155, 30g Cesari Col 35.

Always smart and elegant. The contemporary look and colour combination provides a comfortable accompaniment for all types of trousers and skirts.


Knitted in stocking stitch (on Main Tension 7 on a standard gauge machine) throughout including well-fitting folded welts which allow a nice drape, cuffs and a snug neckband.

A special KIT is available in the colours shown at £55.00 including either pattern as PDF email attachment and postage.

Pattern M 223 KTF
with step-by-step instructions for joining the panels.

M 223
A perfect match of the stripes. Instructions for it are included with M 223 KTF and M 223 I.
A Jumper to lift the spirit
any day of the week
For further enquiries please send email to   or telephone Nina on 020 8455 1996

     Cesari 149

     Cesari 143

       Cesari 70

      Cesari 41

    Maestro 28

    Maestro 42

     Cesari 102

 Cesari 72

     Cesari 150

    Maestro 05

Maestro 01

CESARI  and  MAESTRO  are  supplied  on standard  size  cones  of  350 grams  and  400 grams  already  wound  double  (2 ends wound  together)   unless  requested otherwise,  and  on  50 gram  cones  wound single  or  double.

 The  average  requirement  of  both  qualities for  a  jumper  and  most  cardigans  is  up  to 350g  and  for  a  more  elaborate  cardigans up  to  400grams.

Cesari 155

    Maestro 26

     Maestro 18

       Cesari 35

   Maestro 06

    Cesari 03P

     Maestro 03

MAESTRO: 350g    £64.00

             400g     £73.00

              50g     £11.00

CESARI: 350g     £57.00
           400g     £65.00
           50g      £ 9.90
For postage please see below.
For smaller or larger quantities or any other preferences please write to me

Maestro 02

Maestro 15


Please note:
When choosing a colour keep in mind that all monitors vary. However, I was told and it seems to be true, to get a good representation of a colour scroll to bring the colour in the middle of your screen.
Similarly, the colours of the garment pictures are close  to the real colour.

M 224

M 234

M 234

A  soft  and  classic  line, absolute  timeless  elegance and  functionality  are  the keynotes for this jumper in Maestro or Cesari. Dressed up or down it will always look the part.




Wearable with skirts in solid colours or patterned as well as trousers.

Knitted in an all-over 3 stitch repeat Tuck Stitch (on Main Tension 8 on a standard gauge machine) producing a compact texture but still very light and soft.

With narrow trimmings along the  front, the lapel and back neck and a ribbed welt and cuff selvedge to obtain the neat drape this style requires.

A 350 gram of either Maestro or Cesari will knit this charming jacket.

The pattern, in four sizes, is available at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.

M 224
Loose,  casual,  elegant  look nonetheless  very  functional  in Cesari  or  Maestro.

Knitted in stocking stitch (Main Tension 7 on a standard gauge machine) with ribbed welt and cuffs which can be substituted with a mock rib. Incorporating a folded stocking stitch neckband  as well as  the Classic Shoulder Line.


One 350 gram cone of either Maestro or Cesari will knit this ever so useful jumper


The pattern, in four sizes, is available at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.

M and H 57,
Maestro Colour 15
With the long collar - which can also be worn as a hood.

M and H 57 - medium collar

M 75 - Cesari  Colour 35

M 29 - Maestro Colour 28

M 56 Tabard

M 05

M 58 tabard 

M 29

Unisex  jumper  with  two  optional  cable  panels on  the  front

It also features the FULLY FASHIONED V-NECKBAND and the CLASSIC SHOULDER LINE. Both techniques  are dealt with in Book No.2 and No.3 respectively in the KNIT TO FINISH series with Step-by-Step instructions, supported with photos and diagrams, to knit and finish to a professional standard.

The pattern, with easy to follow references to the books is  ideal for practical experience with the methods in both of these books. It is available at £3.50 in four sizes.

Yarn requirement is 350 grams, already wound double, of Maestro or Cesari. It can also be knitted in RIO or ROBERTA.

M 05
The CLASSIC Cardigan featured on the cover page of Book No.3 in the KNIT TO FINISH.  For easier application of the techniques in this book they are based on this pattern in a medium size.

The book demonstrates, based on this sample pattern, how to knit and finish the complete garment, including  joining the underarm seam, to achieve a professional finish.

Yarn requirement is 350 grams of Maestro or Cesari.

Pattern, in four sizes is available at £3.50.

M 58

Sideways knitted waistcoat in stocking stitch.


The front bands and back collar are knitted at the same time as the fronts on main tension 7.


M 56

Extremely useful tabard.

The trimmings along the armhole are knitted at the same time as the front and back. 

150g of Maestro or Cesari will knit this top.

The pattern is available at £3.50

M 205 -  Cesari Colour 149

M 911 - Cesari Colour 70 

M 59 -  Maestro Colour 28

M 205

A  timeless extremely useful  Bolero in either  MAESTRO or CESARI, both  are  of an exceptional quality.

It  will smarten up any basic top, in addition  it can easily be worn under a jacket or coat.


It is knitted in Stocking Stitch in two pieces from centre front, including the front bands, to centre back with only the centre back to join before attaching the cuffs and neckband followed by the underarm seams.

The pattern, in four sizes, is available at £3.50.

Yarn requirement is 250 grams already wound double. For a special offer click on picture.

M 57

The VERY LOOSE collar, turned back on itself,  is probably the best liked feature. As a customer, who adapted it to Carino, explained "the loose collar not only protects you from the cold and is flattering it also covers the maturity signs around the neck without stifling which would again produce the opposite effect".
The pattern instructions include three different collar sizes. The jumper is knitted in stocking stitch with ribbed welts and cuffs and the pattern is available at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.
Yarn requirement is 350 grams of Maestro or Cesari. There will be some left for a scarf! It can also be knitted in RIO or ROBERTA.

M and H 57 - very low collar
M 57
A  smart  jumper  for  any  age  group - with  a  slimming  effect whatever  the  size.

The KNIT TO FINISH pattern is full of goodies. The techniques can be applied to many if not all ribber knitting.
It consists of 8 pages with precise instructions to work each and every ribber increase and decrease as well as how to join the ribbed raglan seams perfectly, and, to attach the circular knitted cable front band. Everything is supported with photographs and diagrams.
Click here for further information what the pattern covers.

  Ageless,  dateless,  practical  and  stylish  cardigan  in     3 x 1 rib.  Light  and  soft  with  a  beautiful  drape  and  suitable to wear  under  a  coat  or  jacket  but warm  enough  to wear  for  spring  or  autumn  over  a  blouse  or  jumper.

The Pattern, in 3 sizes, is available in a standard version M 75 for the experienced knitter at £4.50 and with  step-by-step instructions M 75 KTF  at £6.50.
Yarn:  350g of Maestro or Cesari will knit the small or medium (the medium bust measurement is almost 100 cm) and 400g are required for large.

M 75

M 58
This functional and effective tabard worn over any top will enhance the complete look.
The pattern includes a short version as shown here as well as a longer version and is available at £3.50

For further details on M 56, M 58 and M 59 please click here

M 911
The unique narrow sleeve, welt and neck trimming enhances the dressy appearance.

Knitted throughout in stocking stitch on a very basic standard gauge machine.
Pattern in four sizes is available at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.
Yarn requirement is 350 gram cone of Maestro or Cesari.
It can also be knitted in RIO or ROBERTA