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ROMA  100% Extra Fine Merino Wool,

Nm Count 2/30, shrink resistant



The finest qualities of wool are obtained from sheep reared primarily for the fibre. Wool can be divided into three broad categories: 'Fine, Medium’ and ‘Coarse’. In the 'Fine' range the best qualities come from the Merino sheep, encompassing again many different qualities within that category, of which the Extra Fine Merino Wool is the worlds finest and softest.

'Medium' includes a wide range of wools between 'Fine' and 'Coarse' and used in a variety of knitting yarns and furnishing. 'Coarse' often comes from sheep bred with the emphasis on wool and meat, used to a large extends for furnishing and carpets.


ROMA is 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool.

It possesses excellent handle and perfect drape, being made of a unique fibre it is easy on the skin, breathable and anti-static, a joy knitting with and even more so wearing. Light and warm, its beauty can be realized in glamorous as well as comfort knits for both Machine and Hand Knitting.

Extra Fine Merino Wool is simply the best quality of Merino Wool. The count of 2/30 is one of the most versatile as it can be employed on a domestic standard gauge knitting machine as a single strand (Design 51) as well as up to six strands used together (Design 63) without loosing its shape, and in combination with different textured yarns. The most popular usage is double i.e. two strands wound together on one cone.

This exquisite yarn can be employed for all types of Machine and Hand Knitting as well as crochet, weaving and embroidery. It is perfect for Double Bed Machines either single or double.

There is no need to wash the tension square because the yarn is 'shrink resistant', simply steam press the tension square as well as the knitted garment pieces before assembling. The yarn is beautiful to work with; the carriage moves across the needle bed much easier than with any other wool or an acrylic. Most importantly, if a mistake is made, or you change your mind about size or design, it can easily be unravelled and re-knitted.

Due to the superior natural characteristics of this yarn all the colours are of exceptional beauty.

Using two strands together (double) is the most popular thickness with a tension choice of three to eight for standard gauge machines, for Hand Knitting needle size 2.75 to 4.5 mm, depending on the texture desired.  Average requirement of ROMA for a jumper or cardigan is 350 to 400 gram already wound double, therefore the standard cone size supplied is 350 gram and 400 gram already wound double. ROMA is also supplied single on 200 gram standard cones or on request in any other weight or thickness.


Featured below are some of the patterns available for ROMA for Machine Knitting on a domestic standard gauge machine. For Hand Knitting a separate Hand Knitting Pattern is available for Designs 51, 55, 61, 63 and 65.

Care instructions:

Steam press the knitted garment pieces before sewing the seams. Steam press joined seams and finished garment.

After care: To remove food and everyday odour lay garment flat on a towel or use a suitably padded coat hanger for an hour or so preferably with open window. Being a wonderful natural yarn it does not need to be washed after each wear!

To store: Since food stains and body oils attract moths ensure that the garment is clean before packing it away. Lukewarm hand wash with a suitable detergent and slight steam pressing is recommended, or dry cleaning. To avoid 'bleeding'  separate dark colours from light colours.









Colour 119 together colour 08 was used for the raglan jumper in Machine Knitting Monthly in the September 2013 issue.
ROMA - 100% Extra Fine

ROMA - 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool is supplied already wound DOUBLE on to one cone (unless otherwise requested):  -

on 350 gram cones at £23.90 and

 on 400 gram cones at £26.90        

It is also supplied  single on 200 gram cones at £16.95

For any other  requirements please email Nina to    OR telephone 020 8455 1996  OR write to above address

Design 63

In 6 strands of Roma on standard gauge machine 


Design 61, sleeveless
Design 65 in Colour 115
with Raglan Jumper Design 55
Design 218 in Colour 15 and 152
Design 216
Current  Designs  in  Roma,  click  on  Design  for  Pattern  details

Colour 58 single and double Roma


Design 51, Knitted in single and
double Roma on Tension 8

Design 53, Roma double
knitted on T 8

Design 65, basic ROMA jumper with the classic shoulder line and set-in sleeves

Design 61 in Colour 118

Design 912 in colour 43 with
centre Racking Panel

Design 912

 Design 08

Design 11

Design 20 with Cable Panel as shown on the right

Cable panel for Design 20

Close-up of V-neck following the instructions in Book No.2 in the KNIT TO FINISH series
Design 27

Lapel for Design 16 J.
The lapel is knitted and shaped at the same time as the fronts.
Design 16 Stocking Stitch Jumper with set-in sleeves.

Design 200
Design 201 in Colour 47 and 03
Design 55 B
in colour 150
Design 74 in Colour 27, Pattern M 74 KTF includes step-by-step instructions for knitting and finishing.
The pattern M 55 for Design 55, the Raglan Jumper knitted in Roma already wound double, includes THREE different neck styles; the simple stocking stitch loose roll-over (55 A), a basic crew neck (not shown) and the ribbed folded collar which can be worn up (55 B) or turned over (55 C, colour 150) and if a shorter version is desired this can be achieved by simply knitting a few rows less.
The Pattern M 65 for Design 65, the waistcoat, is knitted in four ends of Roma colour 115 on Tension 10. All trimmings are knitted at the same time as the garment.
Fair Isle in Colours 15 and 17
Design 55 A
Design 218, Fair Isle updated!

Design 55 C
The Pattern M 61 for Design 61 includes instructions for long and short sleeves and a sleeveless version
Design 16 J
In Full Needle Rib, set-in sleeves and pockets.


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UK: - ONE  cone £3.80, TWO cones £4.80; THREE to FOUR cones £8.00; FIVE to TEN cones £10.00.

      For reduced postage of  Milan see Milan page


POSTAGE for BOOKS: All books are now available as PDF email attachment

UK: ONE Book £1.60; TWO books £2.50.

OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Book £6.00; TWO books £8.00  


POSTAGE for PATTERNS: All patterns are now available as PDF email attachment

UK: ONE Pattern 90p; TWO to THREE Patterns £1.60; FOUR or more Patterns FREE POSTAGE.

OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Pattern £2.00; TWO Patterns £3.50; THREE or more Patterns £4.50 (maximum £4.50!).






All patterns are available at £3.50 each

with exception of

the following Machine Knitting Patterns which include step-by-step instructions: -


M 216, M205, M 208, M 101, M 01, M 16, M 16J, M 902,    M 75 regular, M 203, M 0304, M 64, M 71 at £4.50


M 61 KTF, M 62, M 63, M 207 and M 72, M 223 I with Intarsia Carriage at £5.50


M 74 and M 75 KTF at £6.50


M 223 KTF without Intarsia Carriage at £7.50







FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on any of the products please send an email to or telephone Nina on 020 8455 1996

or write to Nina Miklin, P O Box 71930, London NW2 9QZ.