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UK: - ONE  cone £3.80, TWO cones £4.80; THREE to FOUR cones £8.00; FIVE to TEN cones £10.00.

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POSTAGE for BOOKS: All books are now available as PDF email attachment

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OUTSIDE UK:  ONE Book £6.00; TWO books £8.00  


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All patterns are available at £3.50 each

with exception of

the following Machine Knitting Patterns which include step-by-step instructions: -


M 216, M205, M 208, M 101, M 01, M 16, M 16J, M 902,    M 75 regular, M 203, M 0304, M 64, M 71 at £4.50


M 61 KTF, M 62, M 63, M 207 and M 72, M 223 I with Intarsia Carriage at £5.50


M 74 KTF and M 75 KTF at £6.50


M 223 KTF without Intarsia Carriage at £7.50







FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on any of the products please send an email to or telephone Nina on 020 8455 1996

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CARINO  Extra Fine MERINO WOOL/ SILK  Nm Count 2/28

Composition:  70% Extra Fine Merino Wool and 30% Silk

                         ROMA  100% Extra Fine MERINO Wool                       MAESTRO  Cashmere/Merino Wool

Col 07 WHITE


Col 43

2nd Col 58



Col 150

Col 44

Col 50

Col 28

Col 19

Col 128

Col 56

Col 08 BLACK

CARINO is supplied already wound double on one cone (unless otherwise specified).


It is available on 350 gram and 400 gram cones.


Some colours are also available on 50 gram cones. Please enquire by email or phone for availability of 50 g cones of a particular  colour, or for any other question. 


The colours featured are a very good representations but some allowances have to be made for screen variations.

Col 70


Col 42



The standard size cone of 350 grams is available at £42.00 and a 400 gram cone at £47.00.
A 350 gram cone will knit
a lady's jumper or cardigan with some left over in most cases. A 400 gram cone is required for a man's jumper or cardigan.

CARINO  Extra Fine MERINO Wool and  SILK                 
  MILAN  Super Kid Mohair              

Elegant comfort is assured by the combination of the finest strands of luxurious natural fibres for this beautiful quality. It's drape, it's    slight sheen all contribute to its versatility for all types of knitwear for both Machine and Hand Knitting. Most importantly it can also be used for Double Bed Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery and most rewardingly for Weaving, see shawl on right; this adaptable, versatile and durable yarn can be subjected to rigorous treatment without losing its sheen, softness or lustre.

It is exceptionally easy to knit with and the carriage moves across the needle bed 'almost by itself'.


CARINO single has a metric count of 2/28, for knitwear it is generally used double (2 strands wound together) and therefore standard cones of 350 and 400g gram are supplied already wound double onto one cone unless requested otherwise.


Average requirement for a lady's jumper or cardigan is up 350 g; for a men's jumper or cardigan up to  400 gram with some left over in most cases.

Patterns: Featured below are a few of the CARINO patterns available for Machine Knitting on a standard gauge machine. Having almost the same metric count as ROMA the patterns can be easily interchanged.

For machine knitting the average tension for CARINO wound double is around three up to five on a standard gauge machine.

For Hand Knitting needle sizes 2 to 3.5 mm will produce nice results.

Care instructions: Lukewarm hand wash and steam iron.


Pattern M 18

Pattern M 0304 Version One
M 0304 Version Two. Close-up of neck trimming.



in  CARINO incorporating the 'CLASSIC SHOULDER LINE' for both the jumper and the cardigan. A rewarding addition to any wardrobe because it can be worn together or individually. Knitted in Stocking Stitch with ribbed welts and cuffs but a Stocking Stitch neckband.


Pattern M 905 Cardigan and M 904 Jumper

Back view of Jumper with the Classic Shoulder Line.

M 18
The fantastic fine texture produced with this yarn is enhanced by the loose look and the simple but effective design.  It is knitted in colour 137  anthracite. A unisex design.
The casual smart stitch pattern is created by hand transfer, however it can also be worked with the garter carriage.
The Yarn: A 350g of CARINO already wound double is required to knit this jumper.
The Pattern M 18: is available in four sizes at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.
The smooth neckband, knitted in Ribbing, is also featured in Book No.2 in the KNIT TO FINISH series.



With a smart and elegant neck trimming and set-in sleeves that gather into a petite cuff.

The bodice is knitted in CARINO and the sleeves in MILAN. The slight sheen of Carino with the contrast of Milan is an ideal balance of textures and makes it a truly avant-garde  garment suitable for any occasion.

It is also an excellent example of the versatility of Milan; because for this sample the sleeves and the jumper are both knitted on a standard gauge machine but in order to have the unique texture for the sleeves they are knitted on every other needle on tension 10,  a truly remarkable feast keeping in mind that the standard tension for this yarn is be between 5 to 7 in Stocking Stitch. These variations in tension can only be achieved with top quality yarn.


The Pattern is available in 4 sizes and includes Version One and Two at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.

The Yarn: 200 g of Carino already wound double and 50 g of Milan are required for Version One. A 350g of Carino will knit Version Two.

A flat and easy to knit neck trim. On the navy, Version One,  this trimming is knitted in Milan and for above, Version Two, the trim as well as the sleeves are knitted in the Carino the Main Yarn.

Yarn requirement:  350 gram of Carino already wound double for each garment.

The Pattern: Each pattern is available in four sizes at £3.50 as PDF email attachment. Alternatively if ordered both together, M 904 and 905, the cost is £5.00 as PDF email attachment.

Machine: Standard gauge machine with Ribber for welts and cuffs.

The cardigan pattern can be used to knit a long  sleeve jumper. Simply omit the front band and cast on for the front as for the back and work the neckline on each side of centre '0' as stated for the right/left front of the cardigan. Reduce the neckband stitches by 14 stitches, i.e. cast on 156 stitches instead of 170.

Selection of Designs knitted in Carino. However almost all patterns for ROMA can be applied to Carino, especially stocking stitch patterns.

Close-up of the Classic Shoulder Line.
Book No.3 in the KNIT TO FINISH series deals in great detail and step-by-step instructions with this famous and celebrated style.
By bringing the shoulder seam to the back a smooth and perfectly fitting shoulder is achieved.
Very often an unsuccessful shoulder seam (together with the neckline) can ruin the whole effort, be that with an ordinary yarn or a quality yarn.


Pattern M 02

Pattern M 60

 M 02
A long time favourite with a beautiful neckline and the classic shoulder seam.

Featured on the cover of Book No.2 in the KNIT TO FINISH series which also instructs in great detail how to attach this stocking stitch neckband to the neckline by hand - always an excellent way to attach a neckband if it is not required to be elastic to pull over the head.

Yarn: 350g of Carino will knit this jumper with a bit left over.

Pattern: Is available in four sizes at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.

M 60
Unfortunately the photo  doesn't do it justice!
It looks stunning. A stylish and chic cardigan, well-suited to wear on a cool summers day or under a jacket or coat the rest of the year.
All knitted in stocking stitch with exception of the optional welt.
A special feature is also the absolutely flat welts and cuffs together with the neckband.
Yarn: A 350g cone of Carino will knit it.
Pattern: Is available in four sizes at £3.50 as PDF email attachment.
For a printed version of any pattern please allow postage as quoted below